Mecanum Wheel Feedback

Hello. I’m working on a professional 4 WD robot (Mecanum wheels). I would like to know if you have any feedback about the wheels. Anything about the noise or other problems that you had, all information related with personal experiencies will help! Thank you.

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@cobvinicius Welcome to the RobotShop Community. Given that a mecanum wheels is essentially one wheel with rollers, gettnig continuous contact with the ground depends on the designer of the wheel. Inexpensive plastic mecanum wheels makde quite a bit of nouse. Large mecanum which use rubber rollers and bearings and have optimized the angles and shapes don’t make much noise (but comparably still more than normal round wheels). One problem with bad designs is that the outer plates can contact the surface. When using mecanum wheels, take into consideration that they tend to require higher torque input than a regular wheel, and are heavier.