MD30C Internal Operation Question

I am looking at using the Internal “stand alone” feature of the MD30C controller pwm.
But can’t seem to find on the specs is the Internal operating frequency of the PWM drivers. I’m hoping it’s in the 16 khz range.

I’ve searched this forum, manual and Google but the only thing I can find is the note for external operation-" **Actual output frequency is same as input frequency when external PWM is selected."

Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Hello @istaf and welcome to the forum,

You’re right! The manufacturer doesn’t specify this value but at least they do mention the maximum ratings:


Anyway if you need to know this value exactly you could contact the manufacturer directly, here’s is the contact information:


Ok, I’ve also posted at the Cytron site. And sent an email to their service. No response. Can’t wait for what should be a simple question on a product.

Too bad. I needed 10 or more of these.

Thanks for trying.

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Should have added it was over 27 hours ago.

Hi @istaf

If you use the internal frequency, you can tweak the output frequency with the internal pot.
The maximum frequency on the output, with the internal pot, is 20k.
That means you’ll certainly be able to configure it in the 16 KHz range with the internal pot.

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Thanks but you may be confusing switching frequency with duty cycle. The switching frequency is usually part of the timing setup in the microcontroller or pwm creation device. Duty cycle is how “long” the output is on for.


I’m sorry for the confusion, I though you wanted to know about the internal PWM generation frequency, not the switching frequency.
I’ll contact Cytron and let you know when I receive the answer.


No worries.
But that would be great! Looks like the ideal solution for my situation.

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Here’s the info from the manufacturer:

The MD30C PWM frequency when internal POT is selected is around 13kHz.
When external POT is used instead, it will be dependent on the POT value.

The PWM is used to drive the MOSFET directly (via a MOSFET gate driver) and the switching frequency should be same with PWM frequency.