mBot robot kit: 2nd part of review. Assembly the robot

So after unboxing the robot, we have to mount it. It's very easy and funny. All pieces you need are in the box kit (only 4 AA batteries are needed). It took me 20 minutes as you see in the video, but without doing the video it can be as little as 10 minutes, and loads of hours of fun with this robot. (Spoiler: don't miss the 3rd part of the review). 

So the first part is to take out the pieces and put them in a clear table, so we can locate them very easy. Then we have just to follow the instructions in the guide that is also inside the box. Who say manuals in CD or to download them? Well, even the screwdriver that you need with star and Allen tip is inside!

Don't miss the video, you will see some tips and tricks to mount this robot faster and better, or other robot kit you design or plan to create ;-) With all this help and tools nothing can stops you from building this nice robot.

Ah! The robot is pre-programmed with an standard software, so with the remote control (you also need a non-included CR2025 coin battery), you can order the robot to do:

  • Mode 1: Remote manual control. (A key on the remote). The robot goes to where you say with the remote control. Slow or very fast! Be careful!
  • Mode 2: Wall avoidance robot(B key on the remote). Very nice routine where the robot avoids any frontal collision. I'm thiking to get a second ultrasound sensor and put them in each extreme at the front so it can detect from both sides. At the center is fine but some small or side obstacles can be a bit problematic. For a basic robot it´s great though.
  • Mode 3: Line follower robot. (C key on the remote). The kit includes a small circuit, so you can test the robot without draiwing on the floor at home.

On this way you have three nice ways to test you recently mounted robot directly, and see how nice it can perform.

Do you want to go further and start programming by yourself? Don't miss the 3rd part of the review. We´ll see the nice job of Makeblock preparing a nice programming software, Arduino IDE included but much easyear, even children can handle it... Well, it's designed for them, but you can use it too. Shssss I won't tell to anybody ;-)


Great Review!

I cant wait to hear from these guys and get mine shipped out! :slight_smile: