Max servo size for picaxe 08m2

Hello i would like to build my first robot using the picaxe 08m2. The servos i have are: two mg945 servos stall torque is 12kgcm (hooked up in parrallel as they will lift the arm up together.) 0ne unbranded servo with the same torque as the above servos for the gripper. The other two are 9g servos that will be used for activating switches. 

the board is here:

The question here is, will i damage the board with this setup? if yes how do i solve this issue? Thank you very much.

**gee thanks!. **

that should make things easier, is it possible for me to get some sort of adapter as i need to connect atleast 4 servos? But this one will do for now. 

My only concern is current draw on the pin that feeds the

signal pins of the two servos that you seem to plan on driving from one pin. The 08m2 can only supply about 20mA. I don’t mean to seem alarmist or anything. You just need to be aware of it.

Thanks for the reply!

so would you be suggesting that i use this driver as suggested by Chris the carpenter?

Does it look like this controller would need an external micro controller to be able to use 16 servos?