Matching rc receiver to power chair joystick control

A new wrinkle popped up while trying to test an interface idea between an rc receiver and power chair joystick control. Pin 8 is a switch output that's not connected unless there is a switch. Since the power chair has a feature that locks/unlocks the wheels to the motors and throws an error (flashing power lights) when wheels are disengaged I'm guessing that's the switch. The switch (if there) should be connected between pin 1 (+v) and pin 8 (switch output). So with the switch in the error state (open or closed, don't know) pin 8 would be ???

And the problem might not even be pin 8 since I've tried connecting it to +v, gnd and vref and still get flashing error. I really don't know what it's looking for so I'm throwing this out for any ideas you guys might have to help track this down.


I found this

"the stick is a hall effect device and is hard to get the electric circuit to emulate it.
The circuit has to be perfectly regulated to be exactly at the center points just to get the chair to initialize."

So apparently I can’t approximate, needs to be dialed in EXACTLY. This is getting way crazy now. I still think it’s looking for the motor engage info but then the flashing lights could be just a ‘general’ error and not spicifically the wheel lock.


This is why I didn’t even try to use any of the original chair electronics. Much cleaner & easier to use an off-the-shelf controller that already has standard R/C servo inputs. I used a Sabertooth dual 10 amp unit that is only about 2.5" square and has several configurable modes including joystick mixing and braking. I think it was only about $40.00, well worth the price. Since my motors pull a maximum of 6 amps at 12 volts full load, the controller more than handles it with no problem.


Looks like the price has gone up some but now it’s good for 12 amps per channel.

A little light

That ones a little light for use on the YardBot. I’d need the 2x25 since I’m sticking with 24v, plus mine’s a bit more heavy duty compared to yours. Wish I could find a Z chair like you got but so far no luck. Now with BigBot I went with 12v and Pololu dual VNH5019. I don’t know, my next spare $50 was going for a Kinect but might have to put that off again.