MarsCat | A Bionic Pet Cat Project

Hi all, We’re Elephant Robotics, freshmen to this forum. :grinning:

We’re happy share one of our projects here, Marscat.

It is a bionic pet cat, and it can behave like a real pet cat without any instructions.

It will walk towards you when you call it, and give you feedback when you touch it, and there are a lot of cat behaviors it can do.
The built-in core of MarsCat is the powerful Raspberry Pi 4B. With this board, we can realize infinite possibilities for secondary development. There is also an AI character development system, whether it will become a lively character or a lazy character depends entirely on the user’s training. If you have any better ideas or comments, you can leave us a message below. :grin:

We provide open source Marscat code, and welcome enthusiasts to participate in us.
MarsCat Review:

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Welcome to the RobotShop Community! Very nice, technologically advanced robot!

It is a bionic pet cat, and it can behave like a real pet cat without any instructions.

If behaviors are anything like the cat my parents have, features would include sleeping, ignoring people, staring blankly at something in a room and finding places to hide. If it can also push things off tables, that’s about as lifelike / real as it can get!. :wink:


We have an ai nurturing system that develops the personality of our marscat, which can turn into a mischievous cat or a quiet one. Our team is currently working on upgrading our marscat, thank you for your comments, and stay tuned for our upgrades!

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Great product @ElephantRobotics :slight_smile:

Did you consider using some different mixed colors for the robot (something more close to the realistic look of the cat) instead of just one simple color? :slight_smile:

Thank you.