Mapping With Picaxe

   For a current project I want to try mapping a room with a picaxe but do not know how to get started.    With this project I want to be able to find my way to certain places in the room and want to be able to know when I got there.  For example I would want to map a room and I would want to be able to set different spots in the room to look for objects.  Then once it found an object in a certain spot it would take it to another predetermend spot.  An example would be if it would find anything next to the foot of my bed pick it up and bring it to next to my door.

Here are a few questions I have:

1st.  Is this even possible with a picaxe 28x1, or will I need an even stronger micro-controller like an Arduino or even a Prop?

2nd.  I think this is all I need?  Am I correct or should I have other things?(When I say all the things I need, I mean for mapping.  I have all the motors, a base, H-bridges, etc.)

A micro-controller

An eprom

Wheel encoders

A compass

Multiple sensors

3rd.  I have searched around a good amount, but still have not found many mapping projects with picaxe or many basic mapping projects in general.  Can anyone point me in a general direction?

Thanks in advance for any help.



I have some suggestions, but,

could you be more specific about what you are trying to accomplish.

A bot that followed the left hand rule could supposedly map a room. Even if there were doorways as there could be thresholds set in the sensor readings to tell the bot it was near a doorway. To get a solid answer you need to come up with a more definitive question.

Okay. Thanks.

I will revise my question.