Malatorys Spider -=[Long over do work started]

This is the office start of my work log here as some have read through it. I need to fix some of the page links (Noticed those as I updated my work on another forum)

Ok here is the update that has been needing to get done.

Aluminum and Acrylic waiting to be cut up for this project …

Cut 2 pieces that same size as my foam board templates.

small piece left over from the large piece …

I also removed the center tab on one of the pieces. As I might be changing the orerntation of the tabs that hold the legs, so I am going to wait on cutting those for now.

getting ready to cut that last section on it, I did give a nice lighting effect without the flash (2nd picture).

now with that done I have something that looks like this…

I also got the acrylic cut for the mobo tray & brace on the other side, as well.

2 peices that are cut at 8"x10" and I need 2 8"x8" pieces.

band saw makes for some quick work on the acrylic.

quick look at the edges you see that its not as messy as it could be. No melting even thou the 80" blade is moving close to 3000 RPM.

all of the peices I been cutting put in a small pill so I can see how they look…

I got a few PVC elbows and some braces so I can raise the cut piece of aluminum up a little.

then adding the Acrylic pieces where they are going to go…

I wil cut some tabs to bend up on the bottom piece to hold the acrylic in place as well, I will make some on the acrylic to attach them to the upper piece of aluminum.


Very nice work! You did a fantastic job with the photos. Keep us posted!

Again, very cool.

Very nice box-a-pod!!!


A+ for the pictures.

looking good man, keep it up

again good pictures 8)

OK fixed the page links on my site (Hate it when I copy the same error over and over again)

This is really part 2 of todays update.

Thinking about custom feet for the spider (and not really soft ground friendly)

Pieces cut out with some thin aluminum to get an idea what I want … before I use the good thick stuff.

Piecing the feet together.
Wanting more a 3D view of the foot.

ok using the scrap piece from the body that I cut out… I start cutting the foot on the thicker stock aluminum.
Since this is conducting heat really well… I am only able to make small cuts (Need to start using the cutting oil to help out).

I am also starting on the standoffs with Aluminum as well.

All: thanks for the comments

I think the Pics quality has to do with my writing computer hardware reviews and other small how to’s as well …

Those feet look deadly awesome man. do u write for a mag or something?

like like the flame look they take on :smiling_imp:

i no it is pretty sweet

I do some writing for with the nick dave303

I was trying to get more a claw look but I know they look like flames… but I did make this earlier this year and one a contest that I entered it in. ( ) had a contest and I won a Tower case.

worklog is here : … 564.0.html

nice :open_mouth:


shweet 8)

Quick update …

I am getting a WiPort Wireless kit for for my bots. I have a feeling that I am going to end up with 2 robots. As I am having a lot of fun with bart (My Biped). But I am starting to need parts off of him for this project.

I have 4 legs built 95% of the way, plus all of the servos I need for them as well.

If I pull Bart apart to make the last 2 legs I am thinking I am missing 2 L brackets right now to complete those legs.

Teaser once again…

Bart has been sacrficed to the robot gods. Wiport is back ordered until the 31st, and I am stuck with this to play with…

I will update the logs with all of the pics I have later today or sunday.

I suppose you will be trimming the wires after everything is completed. Makes it easier to get to the electronics when your bots under repairs.

Once the new body is built, I am sure I will not have a rats nest for wires. I am leaving them alone for now because I am doing a custom body.

cool 8)

OK the update as I said I would …

another view of my finished work.

Mass building of legs …
Bart coming apart to be asmulated into a spider.
setting up the temp body with the eletronics
all said in done. I was missing 1 pair of L backets, So using the scrap lexin from my mobo tray side of the body. I make 2 temp L brackets.
finished and on the leg.
I am also missing the rubber foot on 2 of the feet but right now that is not going to matter.

Click here to watch standing-Spider

looks good :smiley:

yeah nice job I really like the black finish on the parts