Making Working Robot Hands... with Straws!

A while back I read an Instructables article on animatronic hands, where they ran wire through special tubing and pulled on it to simulate a finger. This was rather intriguing to me, as I was interested in building bots at the time. I didn't have any high quality materials to work with, so I decided to go low budget. Really low budget. This build was free for me, since everything I needed to build it was common household supplies. Plus, it was quick and there was many things to apply this technique to. I started with tape, scissors, string, and bendy straws. First I cut the straw into 3 segments, discarding the middle bendy piece.  Next I cut two small triangular indents in the longer piece of straw. Its good to have a ruler here for good measure... no pun intended. I then fed tough string through the straw and taped the end. After making more fingers I created a palm out of five smaller pieces of straw, the other unused piece in the 3 segments from before. I positioned everything very carefully and taped it all together. The hand was complete, but it didn't feel done. So I created a forearm out of 3 straws and a wrist out of one straw using the same process for the fingers. I hope to attach small servos to individual threads or maybe just one or two for all of them, programming the movements and strength of the grip with a picaxe board. Im not completely done (out of straws for now!) But once everything is completed StrawBot will be available to look at in the robot section! There are many things I want to apply this yoo, like ROBO-SCORPION, but that's for a later time. Leave a comment below what you think!   -DeputySmiles

Wow many hand robots this

Wow many hand robots this week this one, mine, and the dextorous hand

What are your plans for

getting the fingers to return to straight?

Since the string is

Since the string is connected at the top of the straw the fingers always revert back to normal!