Making a fire sensor (question)

With a bit of circuitry can this IR phototransistor replace the following sensor? 

IR phototransistor:


I plan to interface it with an Arduino

i’m going to guess a

i’m going to guess a yes.

from the looks of the fire sensor, that seems to be simply the detector half of an ir object sensor,
wich is just a phtototransistor set up as volt divider.


Thanks for replying. I

Thanks for replying. I assumed it was an IR phototransistor too, but with all these LED’s looking the same you never know xD. Maybe it picks up a special-fire-compatible frequency (1-20Hz) of IR?

Its just i understand

Its just IR.

as i understand it IR color is not represented by hz but by nanometers.

sometimes IR light is modulated at a specific freqency just to isolate it from other sources of
IR light that do not oscilate at that specific frequency. this is what is refered to when an IR led
has a Hz rating.

fire puts out a spread of the IR spectrum, not just a specific color, so i don’t think it matters exactly wich
type of LED you use, except that it should be shielded from other light. (IE avoid the clear ones)