Make: Taiwan - Arduino based Robot by Jay Yu aka hardmouse

I stumbled upon a page written in chinese by our member hardmouse for Make: Taiwan. It shows a nice robot featuring an Arduino and my Robot Builder's Shield, with a lot of personality as hardmouse is usualy building. Since he did  not share it with us, I thought of doing it myself. I suggest you guys go to read the chinese page in Google Chrome (it will offer to translate it for you) because you'll have a a good time trying to understand the funy way the words are arranged in chinese. Here is the link:

Have a good time reading!

And thanks hardmouse for featuring my board!

LOL! You dig it out! Yes, it

LOL! You dig it out! Yes, it was one of the article I did for Make:Taiwan. Beside, your board rocks. Very convenient and easy to use or modified. Actually, I have introduced a lots of goodies from LMR to my buddies back home.