Lynxmotion Vacuum Gripper Kit Dimensions

I am the CAD leader in my design group and we want to use the Lynxmotion Vacuum Gripper Kit for our project. We cannot seem to find the dimensions for all of the parts included and we are not allowed to buy our materials yet. Is there some file out there with the dimensions?

@Giovanni_1 Welcome to the RobotShop Community. Any CAD files for components of the SES v1 system can be found here:

There are two main gripper kits from Lynxmotion:

The second one has an additional servo for rotation, and the ASB-22 bracket is in the list.
Unfortunately none of the vacuum fittings are in CAD.

You can estimate their dimensions with respect to the bracket using the assembly guides:

The dimensions of the rotation servo (Hitec 225MG) can be found here:

Vacuum cup dimensions: