Lynxmotion Smart Servo (LSS) Configuration Software Product Code: RB-Lyn-1026

When I try to unzip the LSS configuration Software dowloaded from robotshop I am getting the following error:

Cannot open file…it does not appear to be a valid archive.

Can anyone offer any help?

Hello @starwarsbricker,

I’ve just downloaded LSS Configuration Software from:

I unzipped a folder and run LSS Config.exe without any problems! Did you try deleting that file and then downloading again? Or maybe your antivirus is blocking it.

What is your operating system? Mine is Windows 10…


I am running windows 10. When downloaded the file is only 2.735kb. Is that correct? I just downloaded again and getting the same error.

Good. Yes, the file is exactly 2,735kB. Try this one: LSS Config.rar (2.7 MB)

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when I click on the link I get:

Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.

Sorry. Try this one:

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I downloaded this file and received an error saying it had a virus. Can someone confirm that this is virus free?

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@igor_X thanks for helping out in my absence! :wink:

@starwarsbricker I highly recommend you only download software from an official source if you are worried about viruses or other security issues. Please go to the LSS Configuration Software page and obtain a copy here by clicking the large orange Download button.

This should give you a file named of about 2.7 MB with a packed size of 2798835 bytes and a total size (once extracted) of 4340224 bytes. The MD5 hash of the current version should be 28767A6DE590914A9951F4A45D23BE23.

Once you have the file on your system simply right-click it and choose an option relating to “extracting” the files. After a confirmation it should create a folder named LSS Config containing all the required files.

If you have any other problems please provide more details including screenshots of how the files are extracted, any error messages and any other details that could be relevant.

Good luck!



Thanks for getting back with me. I have done this on two seperate computers and I am getting a 2.7 MB download but when I go to extract the files it says that the file is corrupt or empty.

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@scharette no problem :smiley:

@starwarsbricker Maybe to send us a screenshot of that error message?


LSS%203 LSS%202

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My bad. The file is named .zip but is actually of the RAR format!
It should be fixed now and be a proper ZIP file.
It should be around 3.5 MB packed and unpack to about 4.3 MB.

Edit: Force of habit, I guess… set it to a RAR instead of a ZIP. Sorry for the inconvenience!


That’s why I opened it without problems, but with WinRar :slight_smile:

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No worries. At least we found the problem and got it fixed.


Hey @rushikeshsane,

I think I was having same issue (Windows 10, C partition):
Probably antivirus is blocking it.

But then I unpacked everything on my D partition and it is working fine!

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Sounds like something security software would do by default (aggressive blocking of executable files).

That being said we are working on obtaining a singing certificate so this executable (and its DLLs) can be signed properly. Should all be resolved in the coming weeks. We also have a setup (instead of a folder in a ZIP) but that also needs to be signed before we release it.

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Great @scharette :slight_smile: It would make things a lot more easier :smiley:

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