Lynxmotion SES-V2 absolute positioning

Hallo does the protocol of the Lynxmotion SES-V2 servos support multi-turn aboslute positioning in the hardware? Or it can only be achieve with software?

@ioioio Welcome to the RobotShop Community. The servos have a 360 degree absolute positioning encoder reading the output shaft. When powered, the servo can read its position between 0 and 360 degrees, and can then add multi-turn rotation via its onboard firmware. Therefore yes, when the servo is operating, if it rotates beyond zero, the angle accumulates rather than resets (i.e. multi-turn).

However this multi-turn value is not stored and is lost upon a reset or power cycle. You can store that value in your software as well, but without knowing what happens to the output of the servo (if it’s moved) when powered off, you can only hope the multi-turn angle is accurate upon power up.

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