Lynxmotion screw diameter


anyone know if the " Lynxmotion Steel Socket Head Screws - 3/8’’ x 4-40 (100)" are 3mm or 3/32" diameter? I need to buy more screw to finsih my tri-track frame since I got a mix of imperial/metric screw in my kit. I have a lot of 3mm screws that do not fit in the other parts. Or maybe I just mess something?


@Kadav Welcome to the RobotShop Community.

Based on how they’re used, any 4-40 x 3/8" screw should work. They are used to connect the standoffs to the plastic plates.
The 3mm screw cannot be substituted since they need to screw into the pre-threaded 4-40 standoffs.
The motors are metric and use M3 screws. The sprockets use 4-40 x 5/8" (steps 5 and 6).
Does that help?

The probleme was that half of my 4-40 screws shiped in the kit was slightly bigger. And before to buy more screw I was trying to figure out what was wrong, and I finaly got the right screws at a hardware store. Thanks for help anyways!

“Bigger” in which sense? Were they still 4-40 thread?

I think they are 5-40, I got 3.15mm on the caliper
In my first post I’m talking about metric but I was totally confused, sorry about that.
The product is now assembled an it is awesome!