Lynxmotion PS2 V4 on Teensy 4.1


I see libraries for Arduino Mega for PS2 v4. Has anyone tried PS2 v4 on a Teensy? Are there any particular pins that need to be used?
I see that for Arduino Mega, specific pins are allocated in the example code. What is the fundamental requirement? should these pins be PWM or interrupt enabled?
Or any digital pins will work.



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@AdzTheDemon Good question. Not sure there’s anything official, and nothing provided by Lynxmotion specifically. KurtE worked on a port to the Teensy 3.1:

His application:

The Teensy 4.1 will be used in the Lynxmotion SES V2 Hexapod Beta, and although there’s a chance some of the BETA testers might try to use it with a PS2 remote control, it’s unlikely to be the controller used when it’s commercialized simply because it’s so old and increasingly hard to obtain.


@AdzTheDemon and @cbenson,

It has been many years since I played at all with PS2 controllers, I believe I tossed most of mine as could not remember which one went with which receiver and they were always very temperamental.

I don’t know how much anyone still uses the main PS2 library:

I think I see you may be also now up on the pjrc forum. so will answer more up there.

Personally these days I would shy away from the PS2. You might be able to make it work, but many of them were not consistent on their timing requirements, and so each time for example Lynxmotion would get another batch in, we often had to go and play with new ones and see what timing worked.

I asume you are talking about the Arduino library:

I don’t believe it needs special pins, as most everything is bitbanged in it. But again it has been a very long time since I played with it.

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I am currently trying to get it to work on Teensy 4.0. I had it working nicely on a Mega, but not without some code hacks to prevent insane random buttons /sticks being executed.

But I think its a little unfair to say no one uses them anymore, and with no alternative offering?

I have a feeling its not going to work on Teensy, because yes, the remote isn’t an easy to setup device, nor a solid reliable device to start with, in my experience.

So I have a question… without building our own custom remotes, what other option(s) are there? An xbox controller??

dang… I thought for a minute we were golden:

no go, I tried this updated library and cannot get it to work on Teensy 4.0 - bummer

Ha!! I stand corrected… I got PS2 working just fine with Teensy 4.0 with the help of that updated Teensy 3.2 version of the PS2 lib and a little fiddling!!

Wooot!! :slight_smile:

Glad you have it working!

As I mentioned just about every version of the PS2 controller/receiver combination required some tweaking to get it to work.

With the Teensy 4 or 3.6 or T4.1 you have the hardware capabilities to connect up a USB Host port. It is easier on the 3.6 and 4.1 as there is a 5 pin area setup to plug in USB Host cable. See the PJRC product pages. Those two also have some additional hardware that adds some power controlling stuff, as to limit how much current the host connection can use. With T4 you have two pads on the bottom for the two USB signals.

With this you can for example use the system library USBHost_t36, which supports several types of USB devices including several joysticks. Also some support for Bluetooth including support through them for several joysticks, like the PS3. There is lots more details and conversations about USB and joysticks and the like on the PJRC forum. A couple main threads of interest:

that’s great info, thanks Kurte. I am completely new to Teensy, just powered on my first 3 days ago

much appreciated, I will look into usb devices, very interesting feature!