Lynxmotion PS2 Controller V4 and Arduino problem, please help ASAP


I’m Working on a school project and it’s due very soon, i designed a robot and decided to go with your Lynxmotion PS2 Controller V4 to control the robot wirelessly via Arduino Uno, the remote was working perfectly fine, however, suddenly the receiver doesn’t not communicate with the transmitter, green LED in the receiver sometimes faintly blinks and sometimes blinks rapidly, and sometimes doesn’t blink at all. My Robot acts funny when the receiver is connected to the circuit and it goes back to normal once I disconnect the receiver.

I liked the Remote controller but now it’s not functioning very well, I’ve seen many positive reviews for the product and hopefully I can find the solution here ASAP.

Thanks for your support in advance.


Hi Alghamdi,

What do you mean by “my robot acts funny when the receiver is connected” exactly ?
The first thing to do would be the replace the batteries in the Transmitter.

Best regards,

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Thanks for your reply Dialfonzo.

I meant by funny is that motors run independently, run and stop multiple times. and it stopped when I disconnect the receiver from the Arduino.

And also, I tried many times replacing the batteries without success

Can you share some great quality pictures of your setup & wiring ?
Have you tried to run the examples in the library ? (here)

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