Lynxmotion (LSS) - Conveyor HD Kit

Dear Robotshop members,

I’m currently designing a new project and want to order the Lynxmotion conveyor (without the servo motor). I want to know the following technical details about the conveyor belt please to match the requirements of my project:

1- the mass of the belt
2- the torque of the belt
3- the rotation speed of the belt

Pretty much thanks for your help in advance

@Wael1989 Welcome to the RobotShop Community.

The mounting holes are done in such a way as to allow for either an LSS servo to be used to drive it, or a spur gear motor with the following mounting pattern:

Since you indicate you prefer to purchase one without a motor, you would need to select one from the following category with the mounting pattern above:

  1. The belt itself weighs 1.2 lb/ft^2 or 5.86kg/m^2 or around 0.016Kg per 3" wide link section.
  2. Can you clarify the question? The torque will depend on the choice of motor.
  3. That will depend on your choice of motor.

For those who plan to use the conveor with a Lynxmotion arm, the version which includes the HT1 servo tends to be sufficient for most applications where the load is not too heavy:

There are many accessories for the conveyor here:

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