Lynxmotion bots on TV! (and IMDB)

Hi guys,

I bumped into an episode of New Girl whey are actually playing with an Lynxmotion arm!! And not just for a few seconds, it’s in there for the whole episode! How cool is that!

Here is the IMDB site with a scene picture showing the arm. :slight_smile:

viewer discretion is advised! If you are a robot lover with a sensitive stomach be aware. They managed to break the arm… twice…

EDIT: forgot the link

Which episode?

Alan KM6VV

Season 01 Episode 14 “Bully”


It’s passed, but maybe it will come back this summer as a rerun.

Alan KM6VV

You can actually watch the full episode via Hulu on imdb:

Thanks for the link, but no luck. Maybe too many days past?

Alan KM6VV

I tested it before I linked - video works for me. Not sure what to tell you.

I could start watching with IE, but not with Firefox… It needs a certain bandwidth and it has to be able to show commercials…


I’ve got Firefox with adblock, and I could watch just fine - the commercials are replaced with “ad cannot be displayed” messages, but if you wait them out the show starts like normal.

Found another LAN, I was able to see it.


Alan KM6VV