Lynxmotion Biped BRAT Combo Kit (serial port) (Black) - BRATCA-BLK software

The description of this product says it comes with Serial port-based version with powerful PC software. What does this mean?? Can we see a demo of it? And serial port. Does it connect to USB or does one have to connect some other way?

The product includes the SSC-32 sequencer software and the SSC-32 servo controller (serial port). If you want to connect it to a USB port, you’ll need an adapter. There are many videos online about the Lynxmotion Brat Biped.

im looking into purchasing a biped brat from robotshop but there’s quite a few to choose from . Can you help me out in picking one out ?


Hope this helps. If you want a complete kit, it’s up to you if you want it to be programmable using the Arduino IDE or use graphical software with a sequencer (FlowBotics). Servo upgrade means a bit more torque available at each joint. Adding an infrared (IR) distance sensor gives it a basic way to check for obstacles.

Battery / Charger
Battery: 6V 1600mAh Rechargeable NiMh Battery - RobotShop
Charger: 6V - 12V NiMH / NiCd Smart Charger - RobotShop

Incomplete kits:
No electronics, no servos: Lynxmotion Biped BRAT Kit (No Servos or Electronics) BRAT-BLK - RobotShop
No electronics: Lynxmotion Biped BRAT (no electronics) BRAT-BLK - RobotShop
No electronics with servo upgrade: Lynxmotion Biped BRAT (645 Servos, no electronics) BRAT-645 - RobotShop

Complete kits (except battery and charger)
Arduino compatible: Lynxmotion Biped BRAT (BotBoarduino) BRATCCU - RobotShop
Arduino compatible with distance sensor: Lynxmotion Biped BRAT (BotBoarduino and Sharp IR Range Sensor) BRATCBU - RobotShop
Arduino compatible with servo upgrade: Lynxmotion Biped BRAT (BotBoarduino and 645 servos) BRATCCU-645 - RobotShop
Arduino compatible with servo upgrade and distance sensor: Lynxmotion Biped BRAT (BotBoarduino, 645 Servos And Sharp IR Range Sensor) - RobotShop
Flowbotics studio (sequencer): Lynxmotion Biped BRAT (FlowBotics Studio) BRATCF - RobotShop