LynxMotion AL5D Electronic wiring


I require your help regarding a lynxmotion al5d arm. Wiring not clear in documentation. Documention shows one black and one red going to VS and VL on Botboardino. The toggle with wall pack is understandable. But the toggle using 9V is not. There are two red wires and not one red and one black

Thank you so much in advance for your help!

Hi robotsAreComing,

The BotBoarduino is usually not supplied with the AL5D robotic arms.
Unless you need the arm to be Autonomous you do not need it, are you talking about the SSC-32U ?

VL: Stand for Logic Voltage so the microcontroller
VS: Stand for Servo Voltage which power the servo bank

In both the SSC-32U and the BotBoarduino those can be bridged with the jumper “VS=VL”

In some situation, the servos can draw too much current and if one is using the same power source for the Logic and Servos then brown out can happen where the logic reboot.

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I see the VS=VL but not sure what you mean. So they look like headers for something to connect. What should I do with it?

Hi robotsAreComing,

The BotBoarduino is an Arduino compatible microcontroller.
It need so be programmed with your code to do something you need to.

Most people will opt for the SSC-32U version which can be controlled by various interfaces.

The BotBoarduino like the SSC-32U have the VS and VL screw terminals.
You can use the following guide for proper wiring of the board but this show how to connect a PS2 controller as well.

To use a single source of power, you need to connect your 6V on VS and put the jumper on VS=VL to bridge the two sources.

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