LSS HT1 servo TX data not receiving at STM32

I am using LSS HT1 servo motor with STM32 and the TX data is not able to read fully in the RX side of STM32 by using level shifter .(motor ID and Command is missing in TX data — instead of *0QV12052 getting *12052)

When I send commands (e.g. #1D400T800) the motors seem to work fine
I made sure, the baud rate, parity, stop bit and bit size were set correctly (e.g. 115200, none, one, 8).

*By using Arduino data receiving properly.
*if i connect TX pin directly to UART TTL data receiving properly.

please help me to solve this issue.

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@user123456 Welcome to the RobotShop Community. This is certainly odd. We’ve invited a developer to take a look at this as well, but in the meantime:

  1. Can you confirm that everything works well with Arduino (actions and queries, and query replies?)
  2. Can you confirm what happens when you send other queries to the servo? Do you get the correct (and complete) response?
  3. Which firmware version are you using?
  4. Do you have the hardware needed to connect to the LSS Config software to see if the servo works correctly?

Thank you.

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@user123456 We see you have also contact us via private message. It is best to reply there.

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