LSS Config Software issue

I connected my LSS-HT1 motor to the LSS software on my PC via the LSS board.
The jumpers are off.
The switch is set to USB.

When loaded, the software defaults to COM5 and won’t connect on that port.
When I try to change the port, there are some 30 options for ports but they are ALL COM5 !!

No issues in the device manager of missing drivers or ports or USB hubs.

I am puzzled. This same setup worked perfectly before on COM3 - but I don’t get that option!

This is the only message on the screen:
< Interface initialized! Connect to a port and press SCAN to detect LSS on the bus >
[port] : : Port is currently not connected

Never mind.

A recent Windows update had messed up with COM port drivers. When I reinstalled the drivers, everything worked perfectly.

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Happy to hear.

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Three hoorrays for Windows auto-update :crazy_face:

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