LSS Config Issue

Hi, this is my first time using LSS servos any additional guidance will be appreciate it.

I recently received two ST1 servos and the 6 channel communication board. I can plug each individual servo and control it just fine. I changed the IDs here and updated the firmware. After this, I tried connecting both servos in one channel of the ADA and it will only detect one, then I went back and connected each to each a different channel in the ADA board but again if they are in the same baud rate it will only find 1 servo but it will say “and 0 collisions.”

Any help will be appreciated! I tried adding pictures but it did not let me since I’m a new user. I will try to reply in post with images. I tried searching other posts but I could not find the answer, if there is one please link me to it. Thanks!

Here are the images, thanks!

@abetosam Welcome to the RobotShop Community, we’re here and happy to help. Nice 3D printed parts.

The way you set things up looks fine, so the only thing that comes to mind is that when you changed the ID on each servo, you perhaps forgot to click “UPDATE”? Try again, but unplug the second servo, change the ID, click UPDATE, wait until done, then unplug and replug the second servo, assign a DIFFERENT ID and then UPDATE.

If that’s not the issue, are you trying to send commands from a different program, verify that it’s using the same IDs as those you set. Note that it can only communicate with one servo at a time.

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Thank you for your quick response. Unfortunately, the issue persists, I changed both IDs and made sure that the motor would update. If I connect 1 and scan it find the servo, then I plugged in the second one and both LEDs light on to the right color. Then when I click scan both go dark. I will try and run commands from Arduino and let you know if the issue is on the LSS config software or a configuration.

To confirm, you don’t plug the second servo in with the first one connected, correct? Unplug the first and only connect the second, change its ID and give it a try.
With only ONE servo connected at a time, can you control and communicate with it? You can make it move and you get telemetry? If so, that’s a good sign.
In the LSS Config, there’s really not much to do. Select the right COM port, click CONNECT, then SCAN and the there should be a drop down list of any servos found. “Meta servo” means multiple servos found. It looks like you potentially had two servos in the list here?