LSS Config - CSV export bug

What’s up guys !! Remember me !?

Hope you are all doing well

First of all, congrats on the release of the Smart servos, we are just staring with them but so far they rock!

Ok so I just found a tiny bug in the csv export. It is probably due to the fact that my system is in French but in the LSS Config code when you export the data as CSV, for temperature and voltage it exports where the values have decimals, a coma is used to separate the number from the decimal, which creates an issue in CSV file! I attached screenshot in case I am not clear.

Nothing major, just share in case it might help you guys.

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Simon Latour


Happy to hear and the bug has been reported. What’s the project?

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Hey! Good to hear from you! Doing great!

It is exactly what you mention that is causing this bug. The obvious work around (until the bug is resolved) is to change the decimal separator to a “.” when exporting with the LSS Config. I guess having a mostly anglophone customer base made that bug slip through. Personally, my system settings are set to “fr-CA”, but I always change the comma to a period as my decimal indicator… Because of exactly this issue with many software! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Got me curious too… What are you up to with some LSS? :smiley:

I’m now working with Laval University Rehabilitation engineering Lab (part of the Mechanical engineering / robotics group). I am building the platform that will be used by the lab for prototypes and projects. We have various robotics projects, so it is always nice to have an established platform so that projects or at leas proof of concepts get up and running quickly instead of starting from scratch every time.


Nice - Can you share anything or it’s secret ?

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