LSS cofing No servos found

made this connection:

The driver is 22V and I connected it to a 12V step-down converter. It says ‘No servos found.’ Do you have a solution?

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To troubleshoot, it’s always best to start with one servo.

  1. Are the USB to serial drivers installed properly on your computer and the board is detected?
  2. Is the three-way switch on the LSS Adapter set to USB?
  3. You don’t provide any information about the input - what is the voltage regulator you’re using, what’s the input and did you measure the output?
  4. When connected, does the LED on one servo light up? Does it go through the bootup procedure?
  5. In the photo, it’s hard to see where the cable from the LSS Adapter is plugged in to.
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  1. Yes, the board is detected.
  2. Yes, the three-way switch on the LSS Adapter is set to USB.
  3. The driver is connected to a power source of 22V that goes through a step-down converter to make it 12V. Only one motor is connected now.
  4. The LED does not light up after I press “Connect” and then “Scan.” The message “No servos found” appears.
  1. Did you select the appropriate COM port before pressing SCAN?
  2. When you apply power, does the servo’s LED go through a few colors? Red-> Yellow → Green (or user color)? If so, that means at least the servo is getting the right power.
  3. Did you double check the output is actually 12V, and the positive goes to positive, and negative to negative?
  4. Your photo shows two voltage regulators? How are they wired? What is the max continuous current at 12V?
  5. Did you ever press the small button at the back of the servo(s)? If it goes through the LED startup, you can check the mode via the button menu. The servo would not be detected in the LSS Config if it’s in RC mode somehow.
    LSS - Button Menu
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