LSS Adapter Board Power Issues


I have ordered these two products and have had a very difficult time dealing with them. I’m hoping that you can give me a straight SIMPLE answer too resolve the issue. I have two devices:

  1. Lynxmotion Smart Servo (LSS) - High Torque (HT1) ( code: RB-Lyn- 990)

  2. Lynxmotion LSS Adapter Board v1.0 (code: RB-Lyn-1018)

I need these two devices to work together. From our research of the products these two are recommended to work together. The first servo we worked with did not work. There was an issue… We got a replacement. We hooked it back up the recommended way through the instructions manual. The board fried the 5v regulator chip. We have new components that we have NOT hooked up yet, and are in guidance on the correct way to do so. We will be connecting the board to an Arduino, and powering a single servo (mentioned above). Can you please give guidance/ instruction on the correct form of connection to do this and any possible reasons why we are having so much trouble. We have a robotics competition in two weeks that defines our Graduation from college that we need to have working in correct order.

The board is connected to a Floureon lithium-ion polymer RC battery pack. (11.1V, 35C, 1500mAh) supplying any where from 11.4V to 12.3V.

When plugged in the first time the battery was set at 12V exactly.


Welcome to the RobotShop community!
It seems that you opened a ticket through our support center about this. We have already started an RMA process for your LSS Adapter.
Connecting the LSS Adapter with an LSS servo, a battery pack with an XT60 connector and an Arduino board should be pretty much straight-forward.
The LSS servo would be directly connected to the LSS Adapter through an LSS cable. The LSS Adapter can be stacked on top of an Arduino board using the long stacking headers (included). The battery pack should be connected through the LSS Adapter XT60 connector and will provide power to the LSS servo, the LSS Adapter and the Arduino Board.
As indicated in the Power section of the LSS Adapter Wiki page, it is suggested that only ONE 6-12V power source be connected to the LSS Adapter.
Please also take a look at the Arduino section in the LSS Adapter Wiki page.

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