Looking to make a 'sinowealth' ic programmer cable (r232 preferably!)

Hello all, I have undertaken a challenge by freind to use only parts from broken equipment already in my possesion to make something amazing! (i thought id better clarify this befre people start replying 'easier to buy a pic or atmel chip) the only reprogrammable chip in my heap is the SINOWEALTH SM69P26K which i understand is an14k x 4bit mc, does anyone know where to find a schemat or how i can wire a basic R232 programmer cable to connect with? Macgyver status awaits! Thankyou for your time in advance!

Based on what ChuckCrunch found,

I don’t ‘think’ you will be programming this chip anytime soon. I noticed a couple of times durning my scan of the pdf that it mentions OTP. OTP to my knowledge is One Time Programmable. That to me would suggest this chip will do the job it was designed for until it burns out, but, you will/may not be changing its duty anytime soon.


And Salutations! You have probably asked about the most obscure part any one could ever ask about here at LMR. Why on earth would anybody want to use a 4 bit micro in this day and age is beyond me.

Where did you manage to pick up this part and is it new? Because looking at their website, it looks to me as if these things are one time programmable. That means you need to get your code right first time and that never happens. Unless they have a simulator for it. So now you need a programmer and a simulator. If you are pulling it from something then it is useless OTP means once and that’s it. Get yourself a Texas Instruments launchpad. At 6 bucks including programmer they’re a bargain.

Sorry for the bad news.

Thanks guys,

Well, thanks or your responses guys and sorry its taken so long to repost. I have failed in an epic manner to use this I.C in anyway and you are all correct, it is very rare and obsolete. the challenge was to literally create something to wow a friend constructed from only items already in my possession  (I was also alowed in the bin too… yuk!) but regardless your comments were accurate. I have since learned from further investigation its an ‘Asic’ chip (application specific intergrated circuit) and was a ‘one-shot’ too so its a big no-no from the offset. To satisfy any curiosity, the chip was pulled from a semi-intelligent smoke and monoxide detector, so im assuming it just has traits and similarities to chips such as lm393 and other comparitors, the fact that it was mounted in the same sub-housing as the IR detector and an emmiter adjacent should have been a bigger clue, but thats heinsight for you!

To conclude, I have unofficially lost the bet with my friend regarding our game of macgyver FOR NOW! but its only a few cups of coffee and a scratch or two of the brainshield before I’ll think of another way to use the components in that room, thanks for your help,suggestions and links, I wont hesitate to throw any queries I have here again (prob on the same thread) If my grey matter does engage again at antytime soon!  (To think this whole challenge started with a convo regarding which one of the two of us would be more likely to get a seat on ‘The arc’ come the floods! He’s an estate agent / realtor for gods sake!! sorry pls forgive my grammar, realtor is not a common word in my habitat, and doesnt look spelt right!


Thanks again guys, onward ever, backward never.