Looking for someone from the UK to create a robot


I’m looking for someone from the UK who would be willing to create a small robot for me, i have a disability and am not able to play fetch with my dog anymore so would like some sort of RC robot i can drive to pick up a tennis ball, then launch it maybe 8+ meters roughly.

Not really sure how viable something like that is but if someone could give me a rough quote on what it could cost i would really appreciate it.

@olli460 Welcome to the RobotShop Community. Not aware of any automatic retrieval systems, but perhaps adding an angled scoop to a normal RC car / truck would help?

Also found this online (can’t launch it, but can certainly be fun on flat surfaces). There are several brands - just look up “interactive toy ball” or “moving ball” or “interactive dog ball” to see some results.

Thanks for the reply, yeah could maybe add something to an existing car would need a way to throw it though.

The interactive ball would be chewed up in minutes unfortunately

Have someone replace the front bucket with someone more appropriate for a ball?

Then place it into a ball launcher:

If you really want to get creative, add a track on the side of your property which extends quite far, so you only need to put the ball on the track and it automatically returns to you (slight angle) and goes right into the launcher’s feeder. Note that there are many YouTube videos showing how people trained their dogs to use the ball launcher themselves (no retrieval needed since the dog knows that to do).