Looking for Robotex Avatar spare battery and charger

Hey folks. Company won’t sell me a spare battery for my avatar tactical robot by robotex, because im not a law enforcement agency, can u help me locate one or a way around? Thanks in advance!!

If this is the battery, it looks really custom and they didn’t make it easy to get a knockoff:

aardvarktactical seems to sell the battery on its own…

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Yes that’s the battery and they won’t sell it to public unless you’re a military agency. Im no longer with an agency and that really doesnt make any sense since ive the whole 9yards of the robot and the accessories, just needing a spare battery…Smh.

It seems like you really only have two main options:

  1. Find an OEM battery somehow (either seeing if you can go through an approved “law enforcement agency” perhaps by offering to pay more)
  2. Find a company locally or more likely in China which will disassemble the defective battery and add new cells. Not sure if opening it would be destructive and if it is, hopefully they can create a pack with the same output and connector and rough size.
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Thanks for the input but the problem is I dont have the old battery otherwise I would’ve recell & recondition it myself. If i could find this super specific connector type, regeneraging a 3d printed custom pack w/the correct output wouldn’t take me long, I’m a semi conductor designer. Its a long shot but Im exploring if i could find an agency willing to help.