Looking for inexpensive web-based label printer

Hey Guys,

Slightly off the topic of robots, but I can't think of a better repository of smart problem solvers.

I am looking for a relatively inexpensive label printer, that could query a cloud-based API (Maybe REST service), preferbly one that is configurable (although something that could work with say, push notifications would do the job)

Nothing fancy, just small receipt style labels, the plan is for it to be used in a restaurant kitchin setting. In my spare time i've developed an online food ordering service, as it stands now we kit the restaurants out with a tablet running an app that deals with querying the website for content, but they all say they'd prefer a label printer (Bizzare paper-loving people)

Any advice/ideas would be really appreciated.

Thanks for your time!

Web-Based App

Have only used manual label printers personally. Why not opt for a web-based “normal” printer and use label sheets? These would be standard 8.5 x 11" sheets from which the labels could be removed and stuck (so no need for special hardware).

Hey Benson, Thanks for your

Hey Cole,


Thanks for your time.

Actually I think “label” was probably the wrong word for me to use, it’s more receipt style prints I need, similar to:



The setting is for a restaurant kitchin that can just tear them off and pin them up somewhere for the Chefs to see.

Online auto printing

Hav enot had to make use of this service, so perhaps others might be able to provide insight. nicelabel.com seems to have the service.