Looking for guidance to build a garage for my iRobot

I want to build a garage for my iRobot vacuum like what is shown in the following video. DIY Saugroboter Garage Version 2 - YouTube

Unfortunately, the video is in German.

I now need to purchase the electronic components to build a garage for my iRobot.

By translating the text in the comments, It looks like I three key items. The other components seem to be standard but I will likely need help with the installation.

  1. RC Servo – 15 KG+ traction
  2. 2-Channel Servo controller
    a. The Servo control can be implemented via a ESP32 or Arduino or Raspberry
    b. I want to control the servo with PWM (Pulse Width Modulation)
    c. The attached document (in German) is the Servo Controller used in the design.
  3. Microswitch

Can anyone help me locate these items and/or provide any relevant tips?

These are the servo horns : https://www.amazon.com/Mirthobby-Threads-Steering-Server-Adapter/dp/B0868S791V this is compatible with Futaba,Savox,Xcore,HSP,HD Power Servo Motors. You can chose any 15 kg-cm servo from these brands. Such as this one: 15 Kg MG 995 55G Metal Gear High Speed Torque RC Servo Motor, 12 V, | ID: 12765397348
Could not find the particular servo controller used in the video. You can use PCA9685. https://www.amazon.com/SunFounder-PCA9685-Channel-Arduino-Raspberry/dp/B014KTSMLA