Looking for guidance for 4x4x4 led cube

Hi guys.

I bought a kit online to build a 4x4x4 led 

cube with buttons and sound sensor.

Problem is It doesnt have instructions. I have built cubes before but I used arduino. Now my questions are does anyone have instructions? Do you know how to connect the buttons as well as sound sensor? I am using  STC 15F204EA

351-SKDIP28...... i have no clue what this is lol.. thats the problem. Ill assume its a microcontroller and ill need the pinouts. i havent learned how to read blueprints i usually build by how i see it or trial and error.

hopefully someone can offer some insight and or send me in the right direction.




It would help if you posted some info for the kit and/or the schematics. “STC 15F204EA” is an 8051 type processor. I’m assuming that it was included and preprogrammed.

I’ll just leave this here


still stuck

Hey guys

I hate to bug but i am still lost

I found the pinout i hope and have built cube

now i have to wire it up.

i cannot find any guidance anywhere.

I have never used a 351-skdip28 before so i have no

clue where my 16 wires connect to as well as grounds

as well as the rest.

any suggestions?



more info

Hey as for the more infor.

This kit came with nothing but parts.

so i have nothing to go on.

I have built cubes with arduino which 

seemed alot easier.

this kit came with a sound sensor as well as

power input from usb. both which i have never used before

i am hoping to finish today with your help that is.

thanks again for all the support.

I love this site and the people 


hey yes you are correct skdip28.

just no instructions 


hi i also have the same cube did you ever complete it 


schematics are in the pictures but i dont understand them and it appears that the only instructions are some vague pictures that dont really explain much