Looking for a robot arm that can hold a 225 grams hammer (art project)


Any help is welcome
Newbie here but I could use some help from the Forum, where can I find a robot arm that can hold a 225 gram rubber hammer.
its for an art project I had in mind! where the arm hold the hammer and is able to do movement done by a controller, meaning the spectator holds the controller.

I don’t have any limitation to my current budget, since I am currently trying to collect all of the information and if it is possible.

Thank you so much in advance for your help!

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Hi @larakster and welcome to the forum.

You have an interesting project :slight_smile:

225 gram is not too much, so you should be able to find a relatively small robotic arm.

You can see here which Robotic Arms RobotShop sells: https://eu.robotshop.com/collections/robotic-arms

For example, have a look at this one: WLkata 6-Axis Mini Robotic Arm Mirobot Professional Kit - RobotShop

It is relatively small, not so expensive, it has a controller and payload of 250 grams.

I hope this helps a little bit.

Hey ,

:grinning: i hope it will work out!! thank you for recommending the robot!!
do yuo recommend any cheaper robot arms? or is this range the only one that could carry that weight.

Warm regards,


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Hi @larakster !

You are welcome.

Maybe you can find also another cheaper robotic arm but that really depends on your needs.

How many degrees of freedom do you need? For example, do you really only need ONE degree of freedom to rotate the hammer to hit a nail at a specific spot?

Do you need a second degree of freedom to hit nails in a radius?

Controlling a multi-axis robot arm by hand is not easy unless there’s a microcontroller handling the inverse kinematics.

Hi @larakster.
There are two robot arms on sale in our shop,I think it should work well for your project.
You can see here which Robotic Arms RobotShop sells:

About carrying capacity,
Payload: 200g (Straightenable weight)
Load: 500g (Clamping handling weight)
Because our robotic arm is mainly used to learn the ROS system and Python programming, it is not an industrial-grade product, so it cannot bear too much weight.
But I think it is definitely a robotic arm that is very suitable for your art project.
Hope this helps you.


Hi @Riley224 !

Thank you for your suggestions.

Are you able do deliver to Europe? Because, I think @larakster is from Netherlands.

Hey @Riley224 Thank you for your suggestion!!! it doesnt have to be industrial grade its mostly about the movement and the impact.

@igor_X So I cant have it delivered to the netherlands but i am not looking for the same model.
but the both of you habe made my search easier since its hard to find the payload…

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Hey Igor_X,

Sorry I didn’t reply, the notification ended up in my spam!
Thank you so much for your help.

it will be a multi axis robot arm, I would love the have a 3 axis one, however since they are build up bottom upwards. 2 axis would suffice.

The idea which is a bit fatalistic, is that the robots are controlled by the audience and have the ability to hit each other ( conceptually it is a bit dark :no_mouth:)

I am currently going back and forth between designing the frame either through 3D printing and or lasercutting the frame out of plywood. To be able to prepare if necessary.

what I wanted to do over the summer is order one that can handle a 225g hammer and tinker around, while I am designing the entire piece and make the decision of buying a complete on or building one.

FYI, I am truly grateful for the help!!!

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it will be a multi axis robot arm, I would love the have a 3 axis one, however since they are build up bottom upwards. 2 axis would suffice.

That’s not quite a robot arm. Two axes is effectively a pan and tilt:

Is that what you’re after?

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Thank you so much Riley! I believe I will try both approaches to figure out what would work best!
one lasercut and a Yahboom Dofbot.

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ok,Have a nice day :innocent:

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