Looking for a motor to turn a custom clock hand reverse at 3rpm

Hi, I own a sign shop and we make custom clocks for a franchise called WAYBACK BURGERS. On the clock the big and small hand don’t turn but the
“seconds” hand rotates counter clockwise at about 3RPMS. I’m looking for a new motor to achieve this end result (slow RPM Speed) as our current supplier is very expensive and the parts are almost always in need of repair when they get here. Can someone help me find a motor that I can use?
we currently wire them up to a transformer and plug them into an outlet on the wall behind the clock. If it came with a switch for easy on and off that would be great too.
We are located in Winnipeg MB, Canada

Hello @SignGuyBrent and welcome to the RobotShop forum!

Perhaps this could work for you:

Although a better option would be a Stepper Motor.

Unfortunately, most models do not come with a switch, however, they are pretty easy to add, just make sure you select one that can withstand the current.