Looking for a good chassis kit for less than 200 USD


I am new here in this forum. I am a software engineer who already had some experience with robotics several years ago, but I paused for years because of job and other stuff/projects.

Now I want to continue learning about robotics and creating some robots.
Sadly I have no good overview about the available robotic kits and components anymore.

I am looking for a chassis kit for my new robot. Requirements:
- With motors.
- With at least 4 wheels or 2 tracks.
- No plastic. I want to have metal!
- Chassis and motors should be able to move at least 1 kg load.
- Speed without load at least 1 m/s.
- Enough available space to mount a board (either Raspberry Pi or Arduino Mega), batteries and several sensors.

Total price for chassis, motors and wheels/tracks should be less than 200 USD.

What would you recommend?

Thanks for any advices!

Best wishes,



I have been wanting a Wild Thumper for several years: https://www.robotshop.com/en/dagu-4wd-thumper-mobile-platform-black-75-1.html?gclid=CN_559fKucoCFdgagQodXqwHFQ

Wilsorob has a neat project using the 6 wheeled version here: https://www.robotshop.com/letsmakerobots/node/43118

As for my own self, I am thinking about building something similar for my own use, but having trouble locating the various components such that the total cost is less than buying a rolling chassis.

Check out the Wild Thumper.  It is a really good platform.