Long distance control communication - use of LoRa LSN50-V2 with Arduino?

Hello everyone,
I need to remotely control a device, up to 5km open line of sight, to control a set of relays and a servo. For direct wired control I use Arduino Uno. For the remote control I tried to use nRF24L01 with Arduino but not much success.

My question is if a LoRa LSN50-V2 sensor could be used to communicate between the remote controller and the device. I am thinking to connect Arduino digital outputs to LoRa and communicate the signal to a receiver furnished on the device. Is this doable? Alternatively, what RC setup would be suitable for this application?

Much appreciated

Hello @rsrobots ,

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In theory, it should work since it includes the chip required to communicate with the Arduino.

However, we recommend contacting the manufacturer first to verify with them before you place your order:
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Let us know if you need further assistance.