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Hi, in my new robot I am using ATmega644, but I need hepl with log. votage. In AVR Studio I set PB7 out and set log 1, but when I measure voltage between PB7 and GND, multimeter shows 0.8 - 1.1 V. Had anybody same problem? But it is not only PB7.  The 0.8 - 1.1 V are on all ports. When I put atmega in to breadboard everything is OK.

I have connected LCD to PORTB and PB7 is controlled backlight. When PB7=1 then backlight on but when I measure voltage on PB7, multimerer shows 0.8 Volts.




When you make a screen shot

When you make a screen shot for your schematics then do not reduce the picture size. Upload it as it is and un-check the checkbox which resizes your picture to 500px.

yep, I try, but the pic what

yep, I try, but the pic what I take have low resolution.



After struggling with your code,

C is a bit foreign to me, I did run across something that made me question it; PORTB&=~(1<PB7); . Is the (1<PB7) a typo? Should it be (1<<PB7) ?