Load Cell inquiry

I want to use a load cell to get the weight of potatoes on a conveyor belt of a harvester. They currently use a 250lbs load cell, but I am willing to use as low as a 50kg load cell. I want the whole system to cost up to $200 with a load cell, amplifier and interface that can export the information to Python. A package of everything included would be ideal.

I was looking into (50kg mini load cell) https://www.robotshop.com/ca/en/micro-load-cell-50-kg.html with the (interface) Phidgets PhidgetBridge Wheatstone Bridge Sensor Interface (w/ Enclosure) and will export the information to Python.

If anyone can provide information into this problem and/or provide a solution that would be appreciated.

Hello @UPEIConnor and welcome to the community!

If you’re looking for load cells I suggest checking out the force sensors section.

Your choice of the 50 Kg Micro Load Cell + the PhidgetBridge Wheatstone Bridge Sensor Interface sounds nice. And good news, Phidgets provides support for Python in all major operating systems. Check the following links for more information about this: