LMR Starter KIT


I've completed the starter kit turorial on this site, ordering the whole package from solarbotics containing all the components.

Now i want to upgrade to using a platform like this one:


but im not sure weather to order with or without the board that is optional, and im not sure if my picaxe28 is able to run these motors.

Please help me understand how i can tell the difference on parts that i can use, and parts i cannot use.

Also i see alot of Arduino - parts availiable. Are these parts limited in some way to use with other Arduino-parts or can i use those sensors on my picaxe board?


To safely drive 4 motors

you will require 4 channels of control. That typically requires 2 motor driver chips.

However, I would question why you don’t update the SHR before moving to a new platform. The SHR is only using like 6 of the 20+ I/O available. Why not add line following ability to your robot? Encoders to the wheels? Pen control (something to raise and lower a pen to allow you to draw)?