'LMR Start Here' USB trouble shoot

my computer does not recognize the usb cable, i cant get the program to find it, ive downloaded the proper driver software and updated the port containing the axe027 (debatable). all ports are 'not available' please halp!

Help us help you. What type

Help us help you. What type of computer do you use (Mac, Linux, PC) and what operating system?

On a Windows system, you should get some sign when you plug in a USB device like the Picaxe programming cable. Does your computer beep or otherwise acknowlege that you have plugged the cable in?

Next, check the Device Manager and look under 'Ports (COM and LPT) and figure out which COM port your cable has been mapped under.

In the Picaxe Programming Editor, check to be sure that it is set up for this port, and that you have the correct Picaxe version selected.

Also, read through the usage tips in this document, and be sure you have followed all their advice.


Well right off the bat, I

Well right off the bat, I had the wrong chip selected. I assumed it would identify it automatically. However, my driver software never successfully installs (the software still tries to install everytime I plug it in). I tried installing it manually still had problems. I am running windows 7 home premium on an HP G62 notebook. As far as tracking which COM its tied into; windows 7 is weird and im still figuring it out. Maybe you know how its done. Under the device properties in the hardware tab there are two device functions specified. one is the proper intallation of the driver software named ‘AXE027 Picaxe USB’ and the other is the pending installation which is a ‘code 28’. If my googling is worth anything that means its just not installed. The location of the installed driver is Port_#0001.Hub_#0001

classic didnt read the

classic didnt read the directions mistake. it needed to be installed twice. it had two seperate drivers i guess? alas i again have a problem. hardware not found. im going to look into it myself and repost if i cant find a solution. thank you.