LMR Shout Box image posting for Dummies (Chromium/Chrome & Firefox extensions)

LMR SB <img> Helper


Chromium/Chrome Extension (version 1.5)

Mozilla Firefox Extension (version 1.0)


April, 17th 2013


  • Updated the Mozilla Firefox LMR SB <img> Helper Extension to version 1.0

   - Fixed the case sensitive issue when parsing file extensions (Thanks to JerZ for spotting it).


April, 2nd 2013


  • Added installation/usage videos for both extensions.
  • Released the Mozilla Firefox LMR SB <img> Helper Extension version 0.9
  • Updated the Chromium/Chrome LMR SB <img> Helper Extension to version 1.5

    - fixed url parsing that would errousneously activate extension on google image preview pages.

    - Added button to copy the generated tag to the clipboard.

    - Re-designed notification the schema/user interface.


So, I just couldn't let go of my initial failure in creating a similar firefox extension after spending so many hours trying, so I decided to as many more hours on top of those and then some... but *PHEW* I've finally made it, and in making so I've also decided to update the original chromium extension.


---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Original Post ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------


Well, for a while now I'd been thinking that I should automate (at least to a point) my image posting on the LMR Shout Box, but inertia is a damned bastard and always kept me from doing something about it... :P or at least...

...up until a week or so ago when birdmun actually did decided himself to do something like that, and so he scripted a nice python Tkinter GUI for that effect. I thought it nice little app (and moreso because python is the programming language I'm most confortable with, despite personally not dealing with GUI programming myself). But at the "release" time I've commented it was somewhat lacking in terms of usability, and sadly "birdie" took it as a lack of complement. :( </3 Thus, here before every reader I say to you again "Mr Mun" it was a nice app, but I personally thought increased usability here would be awesome and not that all difficult to achieve ;)

So, this allowed me to break my past inertia regarding this subject (and I have you Mr birdmun to thank for *tips hat in acknowledgement*) and seeing that I had better things to do, this was a golden oportunity to not do those thing and do this instead :P

(Note: Also birdmun our ' "Who will have the next bot ready & posted" Challenge ' is still ON... I'm just not rushing because I've noticed you've recently endevoured in a task of building a very fancy GUI... [only took a glimpse but it looks very good] so I can still take my time, build, post & win before you do :P mark my words ;) )


So, I wanted to increase usability/acessibility, and despite Python's portability one would have to run script, copy link to box, press bottom and post in SB with some amount of juggling in the way just to get a image post through... I'm lazier than that... so, I thought it better just to run it out of the browser, and cut the need for all the "app juggling" & assorted shenanings :P

Disclaimer: I haven't used Javascript in almost 2 years... and for the first time ever I decided to delve into browser extensions. Since Chromium is my "leisure browser" when I'm at home, I started exploring there... first night I tried to get aquainted with the extension API and procedure of making extensions... but only met with fustration. On the following day after chating with a friend of mine regarding javascript (js) some past js knowledge started to emerge... and in no time I had a complete functional prototype of what I wanted to do.

So, I tried to do the same extension but now for Mozilla Firefox (my "serious browser" while at home)... and well it turned out to be pretty serious business... after a couple of days or so... this afternoon I finally gave up on the task (at least for the time being). I probally could have made something with a similar functionally, albeit with a slightly different workflow, but for me it was all or nothing. So I give you... nothing (regarding firefox extensions... sorry :P)

Other browsers? Sorry, never even considered them.

So, how does it work? (Instructions for the Chromium/Chrome extension)


- Download Chromium extension file linked at the top.

- Open up your Chromium/Chrome browser Extension tab (down -- left panel). Either through the menus or just enter chrome://extensions/ in the url bar (or click here if you're already reading this on Chromium/Chrome).


- Navigate to where you saved the SBimgHelper.crx and drag that file unto the browser's Extensions tab (up -- right panel)

- You'll be prompted with a dialog box (see below). You'll have to press Add to use this extension (and for me to find your deepest secrets hidden on your computer. ---Ssshhh :P )


- Next a pop-up while appear hinting at how you use this extension.

Using the LMR SB <img> helper:

- Use your Chromium/Chrome browser to navigate to the desired image (.png, .jpg, .gif) page.

- Take a look at the upper right corner of the browser (at the right-side end of the url bar)... and look who's there... if it isn't our old faithful friend, the LMR bot ;) Click him and a speech bubble will pop-down holding the precious <img> tag. Select it, copy it and paste it on the Shout Box. Press Enter and there you have it.


If the image url is too long the extension will also handle it and shorten it up via tinyurl service.


WARNING: Now kids (& grown up adults that should know better) don't use this to mindly image-spam the Shout Box, I'm sure that will grant you a ban.

DISCLAIMER: I've only tested this on the Chromium browser and on 3 different computers all running Ubuntu (different versions). It worked fine in all of them. However, I cannot guarantee nothing whatsoever. Also all the "dirt" I'll collect about you will be sold to the highest bidder :P


Also I dedicate this extension to Maxhirez for his inspiring image posts :P and the regular folks that subsume the "LMR SB 'gang' " :P ...the usual suspects... you know who you are :P



Nice work. :slight_smile:

I am glad I could be the motivator for you. :slight_smile: I need to find a really long url to watch your code hit up tinyurl.

lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Time to build:

5 hours

seems you have done quite some hardwork there :stuck_out_tongue:

thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Nice job Kariloy.

The two boobies at the top is a nice touch :stuck_out_tongue:

Excellent work

Thanks for the extensions.