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Thanks for all the feedback :) We are considering everything while working on LMRv4 - and for now this is off the top menu on this "old" site.




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Hi guys,

I am planning considering to make a new top menu item: Jobs (Well, I made it, just to see how it would look up there ;)

I have found that a lot of companies are visiting LMR, that LMR has a high Google rank, and that a lot of very talented persons are also visiting - form all over the world :)

So why not make a job database, make it easy to connect?

Jobs could be anything from Linux programmer to Toy designer or just Hard core soldering and assembly - Promoting shops, and everything. Single tasks, steady jobs..

You should be able to anonymously offer your services, and companies should be able to look for talents.

I have some ideas of how to make this, but let me know your input; What would be important, what would be interesting, how would you like to see things organized etc - and is this a bad idea? Are there things we could do because we are us, that could not be done in other job databases?

Thanks :)

awesome, i could add my site

awesome, i could add my site right.

Yes… - If you where looking

Yes… - If you where looking for a job, or hiring :slight_smile:

" anonymously offer your

" anonymously offer your services,"

How would that work?? Most potential employers would want to check out the job seeker.???


Adafruit has something

Adafruit has something similar http://www.adafruit.com/jobs/

I think it could work, a

I think it could work, a profile could give employers enough information to decide if they want to take the next step and contact the jobseeker.

There you go :slight_smile:

There you go :slight_smile:

Situation A: I work with

Situation A:

I work with something else, in my spare time I work with Linux. I’d like to work with Linux professionally. I submit an entry to LMR Job Database, in which I write where I live (like New Delhi, India), and what I am good at. I check “(X) do not link to my LMR profile”. I am anonymous, but it is clear that I am into robots, and I have written about what I am good at.

A robot-bizz of some sort is looking at the site, and as they are located in Oregon, US, but are considering to have a guy to take care of some Linux development, they write to me, through the system. As I now know that this is not my current employer, I can write back.


Situation B:

Same as above, but I do not mind if my current employer can see that I am seeking, or I am out of a job, so I do not check “(X) do not link to my LMR profile”, and any one interested can both read my resume, and see what I have posted on LMR.


But the more interesting, will perhaps be…

Situation C:

I have a company working with robotics - on one level or another. And I need someone to do some form of work - design new stuff, electronics, programming, local representative of some sort. I would think that this is very likely, since most robot related companies are working globally / through the Internet.

Then I can post my job opening on LMR, and know that it will be seen by people from the place on earth where I’d like  - and I know that “the word is out” amongst robot building / interested people.

sounds like a good plan, but

sounds like a good plan, but with version 4 and the store, don’t u have enuff on your plate for the moment?


HA, good point :)I was

HA, good point :slight_smile:

I was considering this to be a quite low tech / fast made thing - and it would not have to conflict with the development of v4 :wink:

My main focus was if it was something too far out - I thought that perhaps a lot of members would think it would be a great idea, and could see the options for cross-globe, but robot-related exchange of info.

But it appears I was wrong, and so it was nice to just ask you guys :slight_smile:

PS: Development of Shop and v4 is not solely my work; Hugo is the one working on the v4, and Terry is running / building the shop. I am only the one trying to make things happen and coordinate this LMR thing - but they do the hard work!! :slight_smile: And thanks to them for that!

I must admit that the

I must admit that the situation C is the one that appeals to me the most. Where a person might have an idea and need to team up with someone that they might think can see the project through. 

So the client would disclose as much as he can about the project and what he is seeking and LMR members could respond to the request and maybe get a one-to-one contact with the client.

That said, the ‘Reviews’ section did not get as much input as I thought it would, but still, it’s worth a shot.

**Great idea! **

I agree that it doesn’t need to be very complicated, less is more.

In my case, I was invited to collaborate on Magabot through here, it isn’t properly a Job but I think that things like this should there as well. So I suggest the category to be like Jobs/Collaborations for example :slight_smile:

Good input, thanks :slight_smile:

Good input, thanks :slight_smile:

"the ‘Reviews’ section

"the ‘Reviews’ section did not get…" - No, that thing is dying. Like other wacky things I tested :smiley:

But they can’t keep me down!

Perhaps reviews should die, and a test on Jobs should come instead. Hmm, hmm :slight_smile:

Actually Frits, you have

Actually Fritz, you have already made LMR so great, it already serves the purpose…

For instance, if I wanted to hire you to come to my company and give us a presentation, LMR already has enough infrastructure for someone to do that.   they can click Contact, and get the ball rolling.

Perhaps you just need a small modification to a member profile - 1 more section / paragraph titled:  Seeking work:  I build custom robots for hire,etc.


or if a company wants to hire someone, they can already create a forum post - perhaps 1 more check box in the forum: Job Posting? (check), to make it easy to filter.

Its hard to do business anonomously.   unless your a hit-man.


Without reading all of the

Without reading all of the replies I would give my 2 cent to the topic.

Let companies pay for this service. Scheme like this.

Job database for LMR members (job seekers). each of us could fill a form with his/her…lets say CV. What i am good in, what I would like to offer and how much I am thinking to get paid for this service (optional).

Company database where companies can put their job offers in. Paid!!! if they pay their montly fee they will get access to the full description, contact details etc of all the job seeking or service offering guys/gals here.

Just first thoughts…more will come possibly :wink: