LMR DAGU Contest - Ideas ... or

<tongue in cheek>

Just so that everyone gets a fair peek inside everyone else ideas file, I propose that all contenders in the LMR DAGU Contest post their ideas right here. Any conceptual or technical art work is encouraged. Schematics, photos, drawings, origami, whatever. Use this thread for inspiration and sharing!

After all, we are all going for the same goal, aren't we?!?!? Or are we....

<tongue out of cheek?>

Mr Spidey?


I was hoping to use my

I was hoping to use my expansive collection of plastic soda caps to make a robot that picks up caps, detects the color and “collects” one of each color. If it has the color it kicks the cap out. If it doesn’t have 1 of that color it keeps it in a hopper or bin of some sort.

What is the deadline of the contest anyway?

multi brain

i was hoping to allocate different processes to different picaxes, and allowing them to communicate with I2C. The master board would have over all control and an xbee uplink to another picaxe kinda like walters controller. My whole aim is to get the robot to be aware of its surroundings on all sides at all times and react appropriately.

Tom J

Rocket Boosters
Mr Basic becomes Mr Speedy…


Mr Basic Vision

Maybe I will use computer vision to drive Mr Basic and some sensors to prevent colisions… still working around on the concept.

Some questions about the

Some questions about the contest.

Are there any rules for the contest?

Is it allowed to make changes in the hardware of Mr. Basic?

My idea is, why not make a real 4WD robot with a motor for each wheel. The Pololu Micro Motors and wheels would be perfectly fit.


if I have 4 of those micro
if I have 4 of those micro motors I wouldn’t think twice :slight_smile:

It was mainly meant as a joke. Although, now I’m starting to think about it some more…

Mr Blade?


Mr. Disco & Mr. Evil

Here some more serious ideas ;-). Introducing Mr. Disco and Mr. Evil.

Yeehaa! Now we’re talking!
This is what I wanted to see. You know, there are existing challenges for either idea.

Mr Booze


Ok, Here’s the Mr Rocket Prototype



Mr PropellorHead?


Mr PowerUp #1

People are wondering where to stick the 3xAA battery holder that came with the kit. It is a bit useless after installing some of the proposed power upgrades. Here’s my proposal.


Mr. Moody

I’m figuring something like

if (mood == GOOD) { followLine(); } else { killAllHumans(); }

Don’t know if that would do well as a robot kit though…

Tha caps! They are back!

Tha caps! They are back!

Deadline & info: https://www.robotshop.com/letsmakerobots/node/7502


Mr. Budget. electronics from toy, antenna from IKEA