LMR Banner Available for Events

Hey, all! Oddbot had this great banner created for the ShenZhen Mini Maker Faire. 


The original banner is 2.8m x 1.8m @ 300dpi giving a resolution of  33,071 x 15,354 pixels. Here is a much smaller one for you to look at. Click on the photo for a bigger image.

After the faire, Oddbot intended to have the banner decorate the wall of his office.Instead it has gone from Shenzhen to ShangHai to Berlin (Campus Party) and now New York (Maker Faire). He suggested that perhaps we should let it continue its travels and see where it ends up next.

So I will make this offer. If any LMRian would like this banner to display at an event, I will send it to you… on one condition. You must then be willing to ship it to the next person who requests it and promises to ‘pass it on’ when needed. 

It’s fun to think that we can connect with each other by sending this banner around the world! Thanks Oddbot for creating it, and thank you to Lumi for sending it to me.

Cool, ignoblegnome!Sorry for

Cool, ignoblegnome!

Sorry for getting it so dirty in Berlin - it had some rough moments, not really respecting it as it should be, that banner. I hope the conditon of it is OK :slight_smile:

Cool idea IG, yep, let’s

Cool idea IG, yep, let’s write a note on the back or even better in FRONT of the banner, so everybody can see where it has been so far.

Would add the note for the Campus Party for us please? (August 21st to 26th).

I am up to take that deal with receiving and shipping the banner when I need it!

that surely represnts the

that surely represnts the greatness of LMR and it’s members!

Do me a favor. Do NOT tell

Do me a favor. Do NOT tell me how you got it dirty. ; j

Favor rejected :-)First we

Favor rejected :slight_smile:

First we had to put it on the floor because we was not allowed to hang it on a container wall.

Second, we used it as a bed…yes, literally…for the Monetser catcher robot. For that we needed a bed, where the robot could go under and catch monsters.

Third, after pushing the organisator (Angel) a bit more each time we saw him (maybe he just wanted to keep us silent), he agreed that we hang it on the container besides our table. Each morning we had to put it on again since the duckt tape was not strong enough to keep it sticking at the wall.

As you see, just dirt, nothing we have to be ashamed of :wink:

Ha ha. What part of "NOT"

Ha ha. What part of “NOT” did you fail to understand?

Just kidding. I’ll give it a bit of a scrubbing before putting in away. 

The real question is, what’s the next cool event LMR is going to?

To your question.We are

1. LOL

2. Thanks :slight_smile:

3. To your question.

We are about to prepare a mini maker fair in Shanghai and next year spring something bigger (target is 150k visitors). The project is still not official but we (XinCheJian) are working on it. LMR could be part of it since we got some members from China and others are also welcome to join.

…as a bed.


...and the banner has also been used to cover a new submarine robot to then be dramatically revealed in front of all spectators.

Will do!

Will do!

Awesome. I’d be happy to

Awesome. I’d be happy to send the banner your way. Let me know when we get closer to the date.