Little Robot Two

Hi There Guys and Gals,


Thought it was time I uploaded my progress so far with my second robot build.

Was fairly happy with my last bot My Little Robot, but I just had to have 6 wheels, My brain just wouldn’t settle with 4 and only 2 wheeled drive at that.

So, I took my old build apart with the intention to extend the chassis.

As I started to rebuild it, I was buying in my parts, so they would be ready for when I needed them (I’m not that great at waiting lol)

Then I stumbled across this little gem, well my brain was sparking away with the thought of using this instead.

So yea I bought it and a nice supprise the guy was super nice.

I did setup a chain system but was having a few issues with it.   Time was an issue as the wife and kids travelled up north for a week and half to visit family.  I badly wanted to get as much done before the chaos engine returned.

I bit the bullet and bought myself another 2 Invacare wheelchair motors, at this point it was getting a little pricey as I had put my drill through one of the motors while building on the old frame ☹ so ended up buying an extra one as well.

Motors fitted.

So the weekend came and it was hardcore robot building time, I only have a little shed and it was raining. So, lol I took over the kitchen, wife away what the hell lol.

One to hack the wife off  


The centre wheels at present are just free wheeled, they will be chained to one of the motors.

Running on the inside are 4 UPS battery’s in a 24v series, connected to the Sabertooth x12 which is connected to my old Cheerson CX20 radio gear. 

When completed I will have my APM2.6 from my quadcopter running GPS and Compass.  The APM will be connected and powered from my Raspberry Pi 3, the Pi will be running mission planner 2.  Pi will be wirelessly connected to D-Link Access point, which has some kick ass aerials.   

I have 2 old mobile phones, will build some sort of unit to hold them both together, then add to my Rc radio. Phones will  connect to the access point and view Mission planner and I also will have a 180 camera to view live footage.

Have a nice little cheap Windows table/laptop which will connect to setup waypoints for Mission planner.

I have bought allot of rubber matting, they type you place on your garage floor, this will be cut up to fit around my bot, covering holes from either mistakes or removal of handles etc.

Took it for it first drive last night, or should I say it took me, battery’s  didn’t last as long as I wanted about 10-15 minutes.

But have left them charging overnight and during the day (Today).

Might as well use the UPS to charge them Tee heee heee.

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To the best of my recollection, I cannot recall seeing a robot made out of a filing cabinet. Good job in the reinforcement. Looks like a powerful base. It also looks like you have an indoor test area with fake grass :wink: Does the project have a “raison d’etre”?

I can see you using an old PC tower next… 

I noticed my comment seems to have split your post - you can take what you wrote in your reply and add it directly to your original post. If you want a hand, happy to help.