Litter Robot Open Air Glider Buttons

I have a Litter Robot Open Air. I have all sorts of problems with the yellow blinking lights. It would cycle for a 1/8 turn and stop. Then I would walk by it and it would cycle for 1/8 turn and stop. Other times it would not cycle at all. I tried moving it, pushing in the drawer, a hard reset etc… All these things seemed to help but it kept misbehaving. I finally noticed when the globe cycled it would bump up against the glide buttons and detach the bonnet. I finally took the upper glide buttons off and now it’s working with no problem. I noticed that 1/4 turn through the dump cycle the globe starts tilting back a bit and is off of the On the return cycle the globe is back in it’s normal position and does not do this. The glide buttons are screw in. Is there another fix? Are the newer glide buttons a shorter profile? So I can reattached the glide buttons. Suggestions appreciated.

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Hi @thelaughingdogs and welcome to our forum.

We are sorry to hear about these issues, but these are solvable.

If you simply want to replace old glider buttons with new ones, you can buy these here:

There aren’t any other types of glider buttons. Just these ones.

Since you mentioned cycle interruption with slowly yellow blinking light, this would indicate that you are having issues with the bonnet or bonnet and base connection. So, you should check pins on the bonnet and on the base. Try to clean them (with WD-40 for example). If they are too worn out, you can replace these.

You can also have a look at this video: Try flexing bonnet tabs to get better connection between base and bonnet.

If you notice that your globe is too much wobbly, you can try and adjust black gear on the motor, and motor itself. Also, this additional part can help you:

In the end, if the cycle is interrupted if you cover light sensor, then night light is defective and you should replace complete bonnet.

Feel free to ask anything else.

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