Litter robot open air 3 blue and orange light blinking


I require your help regarding a problem I’m encountering. Order nr: 869669

When put the power in de Litter robot the blue light is start blinking (like the tray is full). when i press te reset button the orange light start blinking (4 times per second).

Troubleshooting steps already taken: Already cleaned the sensors and checked the wires.

Thank you so much in advance for your help!

Hi @Litter53!

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If the yellow light is blinking twice per second:
The Anti-Pinch safety feature is two pins connected to the motherboard that must touch each other continuously.
If they are separated, you will have an alarm(yellow blinking light). The Anti-Pinch safety is located in the top back left of the Litter-Robot base. You will need to unplug the unit, remove the bonnet, the globe and the drawer.

It is ‘‘Two Metal’’ pin. With a flashlight, you should be able to see if they are touching each other or not. If they are not touching each other, try to re-position it with a flat screwdriver by pushing them upwards.

This video can help you locate the pins:

Please try this and tell us the result.

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The pins are connected the whole time. I cleaned them to be sure.

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Hi again @Litter53!

This would mean that DFI sensor should be replaced.

In this case, we can certainly send you a replacement DFI sensor.

You can use the following video to help you replace it:

Are you able to do it?

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Hi, yes sure no problem. I am able to do it. Hope that this will fix the error.

Ok, then we will transfer this to our internal support.

You will receive an email right away to give us more data.

Thank you.

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