Litter robot 4 incomplete cycle/does not automatically cycle


I require your help regarding a problem I’m encountering.

the brand new litter will not complete an automatic cycle, red light stays on and setted at 3 min interval, but will complete a manual one either at the robot controls or the cellphone app, talked to technical support at whiskers and got forwarded to robotshop for technical help they think there is an hardware problem with the sensors, only one week of operation and couldnt work right from day 1:

litter robot4:

litter robot control software:

Factory reset, tested with other cats, tried to manually cycle from the controls will works, lifted the globe to see if there is litter in the working mechanisim, tested with less than recommended litter level:

Automatic cycles troubles from day 1 of operation:

Thank you so much in advance for your help! and have a great day :smiley:

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Hi @Raph_Soad_cote and welcome to our forum.

We see that you contacted us via email and that robot will be exchanged.

We hope that new robot will work fine.

Thank you.