Litter robot 3–popping sound when cycle

I just used it for few months and it started to make popping noise when cycling. Can anyone help?

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Hi @ambertsai and welcome to our forum!

Yes, we can help you.

Please give us your order ID and a serial number of the robot.

Also, a video of the problem would help.

Thank you.

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Hey, thx for reply.
my order number is [100784678] and serial number is LR3CI363280
it said new user cannot upload attachment.


Here is the video

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Hi @ambertsai

Thank you for the video.

Please try to remove the bonnet, remove the globe, then return the bonnet and try to run the cycle.

See if the black gear is moving and if the sound is till there?

Maybe the problem is with the motor, or maybe something in the black key behind the globe.